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20 October – The end of the Roid Exhibition Opening

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Type 59 transfer: Tracey+Shanea by Wayne Radford

Photo: Ian Poole. Wayne Radford being photographed by Doug Spowart

Type 59 transfer: Wayne Radford by Doug Spowart

Photo: Ian Poole. Doug uses white wine as the transfer fluid!

Ian Poole photographed by Wayne Radford 10x8 Type 809 Polaroid

Vicky and Doug: Portrait by Wayne Radford


Wayne Radford’s last portrait was of Victoria and myself. The Type 59 Polaroid sheet film had sat in the bottom of the box for over 5 years beyond the expiry date and the mark of time left as a humidity smear of magenta in a reduced D-max. It’s a great image — and a fitting end to the ‘Roid’.



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