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20 October – The end of the Roid Exhibition Opening

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Type 59 transfer: Tracey+Shanea by Wayne Radford

Photo: Ian Poole. Wayne Radford being photographed by Doug Spowart

Type 59 transfer: Wayne Radford by Doug Spowart

Photo: Ian Poole. Doug uses white wine as the transfer fluid!

Ian Poole photographed by Wayne Radford 10x8 Type 809 Polaroid

Vicky and Doug: Portrait by Wayne Radford


Wayne Radford’s last portrait was of Victoria and myself. The Type 59 Polaroid sheet film had sat in the bottom of the box for over 5 years beyond the expiry date and the mark of time left as a humidity smear of magenta in a reduced D-max. It’s a great image — and a fitting end to the ‘Roid’.



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  1. What an amazing night. To have such inspirational photographers witnessing this process especially with the aide of wine and beer to transfer the Polaroid. Thank you Doug for sharing this event. One I will never forget.

    Jan Ramsay

    October 28, 2011 at 11:19 am

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