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Father’s Day: A remembrance in an art project

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Father’s Day 2020 – Thinking of our Dads


In 2010 artist, and then gallerist, Julie Barratt put out a call for artworks that asked artists to respond about their Fathers and their passing.

The request from Julie Barratt is as follows:

This project was borne out of the recent sudden death of my father, a handkerchief, some emotive words written by a sibling on his death and the traumatic aftermath of a death processed according to particular societal and cultural mores. Interested artists and Individuals are invited to create an artwork on a handkerchief (any handkerchief not necessarily a man’s) based around death/grief/bereavement.

We reflected on our connection with our Fathers and created artworks using the cyanotype process.


Doug’s Hankie

The WHITE KNIGHT – for Merv by Doug Spowart


MERV: The White Knight

 My father was an electrician for around sixty years. He always wore King Gee white overalls—even when we went on holidays.

Ever ready to help someone in need he would dash off at a moment’s notice—even when the family organised an outing on the weekend we would always fit in another job along the way.

Over the years he helped many an electrically troubled soul so we, his family, dubbed him the nickname – “The white knight”.



Victoria’s Hankie

Dad’ll do it – for Reg by Victoria Cooper


Dad’ll do it

I remember that he always tied knots in his hankie to keep it in place on his head and to soak up the sweat when he was working on things around the home. He had lived in this home (in the photo) for most of his life except for the time he was in Papua New Guinea for WW2 and shorter periods of time in other places. Over the years he adapted and renovated this home to suit the changing needs of the family.




Barratt Gallery Invite


The exhibition was shown at Barratt Gallery at Alstonville and Napier Gallery Melbourne



A post about the exhibition can be found HERE







June 24 – Visit to Barratt Galleries, Alstonville

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On the way south through northern New South Wales we called in on Julie Barratt at Barrett Galleries @ Altsonville. Julie’s current show is by photographer Mike Greenslade and is called Beneath the Surface.

SEE: http://www.barrattgalleries.com.au

Julie spoke of the challenges of operating a regional gallery and her current honours studies at Southern Cross University. She excitedly told us about the Hankie Project being shown in a Melbourne Gallery soon. The Hankie project incorporated handkerchiefs from over one hundred artists that commented on the loss of a loved one – their response as artists was  represented on a handkerchief.

SEE: http://objectsofthedead.blogspot.com/2010/06/media-release-from-opening-at-barratt.html

We photographed Julie in the gallery in a moment of exhilaration – A flying Julie!!

Julie Barratt flying

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June 24, 2011 at 12:39 pm

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