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We were working with Darren Jew on a Foto Frenzy  ‘Exploring Photography’ workshop @ Mt Barney Lodge, a bushland retreat in South-East Queensland’s World Listed Scenic Rim.

We briefed workshop participants on pinhole photography and helped them make pinholes for their DSLR cameras, and everyone joined in the activity of ‘pinholing’.

On Saturday we blacked-out a store room of about 3 x 3 metres square in the rear of the Boolamoola Homestead using plastic and curtain material in readiness for the big WPPD on Sunday.

Boolamoola Homestead

Boolamoola Homestead – store room window at upper left

The room before set-up

The room before set-up

While the others sat outside eating lunch on Sunday (World Pinhole Photography Day) we sneaked into the Camera Obscura and made our image of our lunch time. The ‘pinhole’ was around 8mm. Exposure of the image was by lensed (focal length=16mm) DSLR using f8 200 ISO and time exposure of 30 seconds.

Lunchtime Camera Obscura Mt Barney Lodge

Lunchtime Camera Obscura Mt Barney Lodge

The other way 'round

The other way ’round

Looking up - tCamera Obscura Mt Barney Lodge

Looking up to the ceiling – Camera Obscura Mt Barney Lodge

View from the window

View from the window


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