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Set-up: COW ART – Year of the Farmer

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Cow Art setup in progress

The cows came back to Toowoomba to form a herd of 800+ artworks expressing the support of the 2012 Year of the Farmer. Organised by Paul Blinco and Debbie Nawrotzky from Pacific Seeds the corflute cows were decorated by artists, school kids and interested contributors to the project.

On Friday we took our artwork, the CondaMINE Cow, Variety: Thylacine (SEE previous post) out to the paddock to join up with the herd. Here are some images of the setup underway…

Vicky and our cow with Lindsay and Paul Blinco

‘The CondaMINE Cow – Variety: Thylacine’  verso and recto (SEE background to the artwork – Click here)

Setting-up the Cows

Laying out the cows

A montage of Cow Art

More images+audio from the COW ART Facebook Page, the Toowoomba Chronicle and ABC Radio interview


In support of The YEAR OF THE FARMER ‘The CondaMINE Cow – Variety: Thylacine’

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‘The CondaMINE Cow Variety: Thylacine’ recto and verso

We, at the Centre for Regional Arts Practice, are about to contribute an artwork to a project that is intended to celebrate the Australian Year of the Farmer. The project is called, the Australian Year of the Farmer Cow Art, and is being organised by Wendy and Paul Blinco from Pacific Seeds, Toowoomba. Around 1,000 corflute cows were made and passed on to interested groups, artists and school kids across the Darling Downs Region to decorate. The plain white surface of the cows have been painted, collaged or worked on by a range of other artistic means.

For more information visit the Australian Year of the Farmer Cow Art Facebook site 

Named The CondaMINE Cow – Variety: Thylacine, our cow was created from a montage of texts and images from our Artists Survey book #12 Checklist of Signs That Extractive Mining Has Taken Over Your Regional Community (SEE the blog post Flying Arts Award for details). In this book, and now in this new variant (the Cow), we posit that a threat exists for farmers and farming land productivity by the extensive mining activity now taking place throughout this land. The farmer, like the Thylacine, may be an endangered species destined for extinction. We trust this cow will raise interest and promote debate on this issue.

Our Cow is at the beach where the makeover was carried out—next week she will be herded together with another 1,000 cows in Toowoomba for the main event.

‘CondaMINE_Cow’ artwork by Victoria Cooper + Doug Spowart

‘CondaMINE Cow’ in production

Vicky offering suggestions for the makeover

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September 27, 2012 at 1:05 pm

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