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THE PhD PENULTIMATE DRAFT and 5 Food Antidotes

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Are you undertaking a PhD? Does the stress of it all affect your health and well being?

Here are 5 Antidotes in the form of food snacks that may help.

Victoria Cooper @ the Wooli Study Centre working on her PhD



Two slices of prosciutto, mixed unsalted nuts, a slug each of double brie and blue cheese, black olives, pickled onion, seeded biscuits and packham pear. We drove there so Bundaberg Ginger Beer was the accompanying beverage.

An antipasta-styled lunch on the beach

The view from the luncheon table…

SEE OUR ‘ALONG THE TRACK BLOG’ POST on the location Diggers Beach near Grafton



Afternoon tea of lemon cakes and coffee

Afternoon tea verandah view


ANTIDOTE #3:  A LUNCH of OYSTERS – Kilpatrick, with capers and mayo and au naturel with sourdough bread and fried prosciutto accompanied by a small glass of Verdelho white wine.

Oysters – a serving for three


ANTIDOTE #4: A SEAGULL’S BREAKFAST the coastal version of the ‘Dingoes Breakfast’ – A poop and a look around…

A seagull’s breakfast


ANTIDOTE #5: DINNER – FISH ‘n’ CHIPS out of the paper with lemon slices, mayo, flaked salt from the Murray River and a New Zealand Chardonay from Marlborough Sound.

Fish ‘n’ Chips and Mayo

NOTE: Don’t forget to have a great view to look out over when dining…

The view: Wooli River and Yuragir National Park beyond


We trust these antidotes may work for you … They did for us

Cheers Dr Victoria and Dr Doug




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  1. I love how you think. There is always a story that compliments everything you both do. I think I will start my phd – looks like a lot of fun 🙂


    October 31, 2012 at 4:42 pm

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