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WOOLI NOCTURNE: a new project

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We are working on a new project whilst on retreat on the NSW north coast. A tentative statement for the work is as follows …

In the interstitial zone between day and night our everyday and prosaic surroundings begin to take on an appearance that is, for us, unfamiliar. Streets and houses, the spaces of our habitation, are illuminated by the afterglow of sunset or by the shaft-like rays from the occasional street light. In this space the homely becomes the uncanny. Perhaps stirring memories of cave dwelling experiences deep within the primitive brain where in the shadows of the coming night, monsters lurk – just beyond the fire’s warm flickering light.

Enjoy … Vicky + Doug

Image 0202

Image 0199

Image 0133

Image 0142

Image 0129

Image 0094


Image 0135

Image 0216

Image 0097

Image 0110

3 Responses

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  1. Hi Doug & Vicki,
    I’m so enjoying your blog – when I get a chance to truly read and look closely……
    Wooli – I’ve heard so much about this seaside fishing village but have not ventured to it yet. These images are inspiring – capturing the fleeting space between day/night particularily in the long summer afternoons where there is more of a chance to mix available and introduced light gives me great joy and treasured images. I love your added touch of smalll town Australiana architecture. Hope the Wooli project is continuing.

    Christine Johnstone

    January 8, 2013 at 6:15 am

    • G’Day Christine,
      Great to hear from you. Wooli is an amazing place. Time left it behind so it’s a little like visiting a memory of the way ‘the beach’ was.
      As you may see from our posts we’ve done quite a bit of our PhD study and research there. Every time, well almost every time, we create a photobook, many of which you can see as flash flip books and PDFs @ much of the content is Adobe Flash so it won’t play on iPads/Phones.
      By the way Charlie Snook lives just dow the road at Minnie Waters – we catch up with him as well – there’s a post about that on the blog too.
      Anyway – we must catch up sometime when we are down in Brisbane.
      Cheerio for Now…
      Doug + Vicky.

  2. Thanks so much for these great views of Woolgoolga – as I know it. I enjoyed those unique views of those ’50s and ’60s houses and all those boats – a link to the holiday enterprises of visitors in the summer time.

    Enjoying your use of light in these shots.

    Wendy Dawson

    September 25, 2013 at 8:04 am

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