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14 December: Dining lunch @ the Niagara Cafe Gundagai

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Stepping back to the 1950s and 60s – Dining in a cafe with cubicles and the locals.

The phrase ‘when I was young’ is so cliché and yet as one grows older fragments of past memories emerge from everyday experience. The fragments trigger memories of simpler – less complex times and simple pleasures.

    The town of Gundagai is part way along the Hume highway between Sydney and Albury. We stopped in town looking for a place to get some lunch – a takeaway maybe, the simple staple of the Australian traveller – a meat pie, tomato sauce and a can of Coke. Bakeries in the town looked closed, swish fine dining cafes looked too predictably up-market.
   Mid way along the main street was situated the quaint facade of curved glass, tiled step and menu taped to the window of the Niagara Cafe. We walked in to a 1950s bench-styed dark stained seating area. At each table salt and pepper shakers sat astride red-capped dark sauce bottles and a menu. The table tops were a pea green and walls covered in newspaper reports, horse racing photo finish pictures, paired Australian and Greek flags, annotated photos and other ephemera.
   We checked out the menu …

Here are a few images – SEE THE BEHANCE FOLIO – Click Here

The front door of the Niagara Cafe

A couple of patrons

Written by Cooper+Spowart

December 19, 2011 at 8:37 am

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