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13 December: James Turrell – Skyspace ‘Within without’

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On three occasions we have visited the Turrell Skyspace artwork @ the National Gallery of Australia during our time in Canberra. Turrell states that:

My work is about space and the light that inhabits it. It is about how you confront that space and plumb it with vision. It is about your seeing, like the wordless thought that comes from looking into fire.

For us the Skyspace was like visiting a physical and visual phenomenon. The images that follow record our experience of the artwork – and some of the fun.

An external view of the Skyspace installation

Inside the Skyspace installation – standing before the stupa

Vicky looking up towards the sky opening

4 views of the Skyspace opening

Sitting in the sun spot – two separate views

A wedding photographed in Skyspace

Vicky photographs fellow visitor

Sun circle projection




Inside Turrell’s Skyspace with friends doing selfies

The two of us before the stupa at the end of our visit

A wedding photographed in Skyspace

A wedding photographed in Skyspace

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December 19, 2011 at 8:06 am

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