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11 November: Visit to Noreen Grahame + Gallery

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 It has been a while since the flood but Noreen has reopened with a new show featuring a selection of the etchings of Euan Macleod from 2004~2009.*

Noreen in conversation with Vicky

Noreen spoke of how she responded to the early signs of the imminent flood and began packing her extensive collection of art on the Sunday, days before the reality of the inundation was to hit Brisbane. She spoke of people in her area not being aware of what may happen.

With help from family and others including Anne Kirker and Helen Cole she was able to clear the building of artworks, furniture and framing equipment. The contents were stored in the homes of friends and family until, months later and after refurbishment of the gallery, she was able to return.

She commented on the fantastic support she had received including the fundraising auction that was organised by friends.

Noreen engaged both of us in conversation and, as usual when the conversation turned to things artists’ books, she disappeared and came back with examples of the works we were discussing from her collection. It was just like old times …

Congratulations on your achievement Noreen – Welcome back.

Words+pic: Doug Spowart

*Euan Macleod’s show continues until 26 November. A companion exhibition of Macleod’s painting works is on show at the Victor Mace Fine Art Gallery in Milton.

Written by Cooper+Spowart

November 12, 2011 at 2:17 pm

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