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‘Our Home on the Range’ exhibition @ QCP

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Maurice Ortega opens the QCP Exhibition  - November 30, 2013  ... PHOTO: Doug Spowart

Maurice Ortega opens the QCP Exhibition – November 30, 2013 PHOTO: Doug Spowart



Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE Certificate IV in Photoimaging students recently presented their work in Brisbane as part of the Queensland Centre for Photography’s Undergraduate Bridging Program. The images in the series “Our Home on the Range” are indicative of the intention for the program to allow students to develop both creative and personal directions in their studies. Throughout 2013 the exhibiting photographers have worked with teachers Alison Ahlhaus, Sheryleigh Burns, Bev Lacey, Rachel Susa and Doug Spowart. The exhibition was curated by Doug Spowart.

The QCP Undergraduate Photo Media Bridging Program profiles the work of emerging artists who are currently studying photo media at an Australian higher learning institution. The program provides a bridge between higher learning institutions, students and the QCP, providing an insight into work currently being produced by undergraduates recognising the outstanding cultural investment made by institutions and lecturers across Australia.


The "Our Home on the Range" exhibition

The Our Home on the Range exhibition @ QCP ….PHOTO: Doug Spowart

Kirsten Butter and Doug with her work ....PHOTO: Doug Spowart

A ‘selfie’ with Kirsten Butters and her work ….PHOTO: Doug Spowart


Here is a gallery of the Our Home on the Range photographs …


Jesse - Rawr Vanity by Kirsten Butters

Jesse – Rawr Vanity by Kirsten Butters

The Colours of Light by Craig Seipel

The Colours of Light by Craig Seibel

St Petersburg by Carolyn Johnson

St Petersburg by Carolyn Johnson

A chemistry experiment by Perri Hammond

A chemistry experiment by Perri Hammond

Rest in Pieces by Anna Schwenke

Rest in Pieces by Anna Schwenke

The Planet of Garden by Linsey Walker

The Planet of Garden by Linsey Walker

Shoot 'Em Up by Rhianen Dodd

Shoot ‘Em Up by Rhianen Dodd

The colours of tranquiity by Sandra McEwan

The colours of tranquiity by Sandra McEwan

A Lone Man by Riry Foran

A Lone Man by Riry Foran

Kirsten discusses her work with Rock and Roll photographer and publisher Dane Beesley

Kirsten showing work to Rock+Roll photographer and publisher Dane Beesley  ….PHOTO: Doug Spowart


Toowoomba Chronicle Story about the exhibition

Toowoomba’s Mail Story about the exhibition



QCP Logo

Thank you to the Queensland Centre for Photography for the support to these emerging photographers.


QCP Director Maurice Ortega and Deputy Director Camilla Birkeland with presentation flowers at the opening

QCP Director Maurice Ortega and Deputy Camilla Birkeland at the opening


Copyright in the photographs remains with the the photographers.


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The 2012 SQIT Photoimaging Graduation event took place on November 26 in the college theatre. Around 80 family, friends and local photography identities attended the two-hour event. The Graduation is a student project overseen by teacher Rachel Susa and her first year students and is a mix of celebration, reflection and fun. Each year a guest speaker provides an insight into the photographic industry – this year David Seeto addressed the audience with his life experiences in photography. His early film-based work with complex sets, large format film and tricky lighting situations made the students thankful for the ability they have to use digital techniques and Adobe Photoshop to assemble images now – easily. David discussed his documentary work over many years  with outback legend R. M. Williams.

The SQIT Photoimaging Graduation 2012

David Seeto presents the keynote address

At the Graduation event the SQIT Photoimaging Awards are announced. This year’s Syd Owen Graduating Student of the Year is Abby Dennien. Her award recognises the significant contribution made by Syd Owen Senior in the formation of the Institute of Australian Photography (now the AIPP) in the 1960s and his support of professional photography in this country. As part of her award Abby has the opportunity to gain extra experience as a part-time employee of Owen Studios for the next 6 months The Photobook of the year was awarded to Christine Ivanov for a book about night travel along local highways.

Raymond Keyworth from Owens Studios with Abby Dennien and Doug   PHOTO: Alison Ahlhaus

The Graduating students take the stage at the end of the night and a celebration poster is unveiled which features a portrait of the students and teachers. Then it’s all over — until next year!

Certificate IV in Photoimaging Graduation Group  PHOTO: Alison Ahlhaus

The 2012 Student Board

The 2012 Student Board

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November 30, 2012 at 8:18 pm

THE RANGE: Opening of ‘A Thousand Words’@Futures Gallery

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On November 7 an exhibition by students from the Visual Arts department of the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE was opened in the Futures Gallery in Toowoomba. The paintings, prints and their presentation as a gallery exhibition have been created as part of assessment for the Certificate IV Visual Art and Contemporary Craft.

David Taylor, Faculty Director of the Education, Commerce and the Arts addresses the opening audience

One of the biggest opening crowds filled the gallery space with excited and proud students presenting their works to family and friends.

David Taylor, Faculty Director of the Education, Commerce and the Arts, commented on the quality of the works presented in the exhibition and the enthusiasm of the teaching team that worked with the students, Dr Deborah Beaumont, Jo Murphy, David Lemay and Tim Fry. The exhibition was opened by USQ’s Head of the Creative Arts School, Associate Professor Janet McDonald who discussed the close links of students and teachers between USQ and TAFE and the possibility of future collaboration between the two institutions.

Janet McDonald and David Taylor

One long term attendee at TAFE vis arts students end of year exhibitions commented that this is one of the best exhibitions that they’d seen since the early days of the art department with teachers like Fred Weitzsaker, Joe Ottway, Patrick Petein and Michael Schlitz.Congratulations to the students and teachers for the diverse and stimulating artworks presented in this exhibition. A Thousand Words Exhibition @ Futures Gallery continues until 12 November 2012.

A Thousand Words panorama

A selection of student work from A Thousand Words follows…

Alysa Mae Amor Fraterna

Amanda Jones The Wait

Steven Lamb  Tiny Interactive Planet

Danielle Schull   The Three Lost Friends

Elizabeth Hudson  Just Imagine

A Thousand Words is a student exhibition displaying the work of visual art students of the Toowoomba TAFE. 
The exhibition was installed by the Certificate IV Visual Art and Contemporary Craft : Exhibition Cluster as part of their assessment.

PRESS THIS!!! Peter Wallis – Press Photographer

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Peter Wallis with Vicky + Doug in Toowoomba (iPhone image)

We had a call today from Peter Wallis today to say he was in town and wanted to have yarn. Peter was a photography student of mine at Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE in the mid 1990s. For quite a while he has been one of the main shooters for Brisbane’s Courier Mail newspaper—mainly specialising in sports. As we sat sipping coffee Peter cradled in his hands an advanced production model from a well-known DSLR manufacturer that was being trialled by the newspaper. That seemed fitting as Peter always had a fetish for the latest and best camera technologies.

Peter Wallis was one of those people who truly loved photography and was a lot of fun in classroom and darkroom. One day he found our Canon 50~350mm zoom (white lens) and probably had it on permanent loan for most of the second year of his associate diploma studies. The lens went to the Birdsville races, to sporting events and places I daren’t ask about. His end of study folio was an impressive generalist photographer with a strong bias to media photojournalism.

On graduating from TAFE Peter fell into newspaper photography in the regional papers in towns like Bundaberg and Gladstone. His break came in the early 2000s when he was shortlisted for a position at the Courier. He and his fellow shortlisted applicant had to work at the paper for a few days to show how they would handle the job. At the end of their trial they were interviewed by the Pictorial Editor—they were both asked what they considered was their BEST picture. Apparently the other candidate pointed out their best shot from the folio laid out on the table—Peter was to tell me later that he’d remembered something I had spoken about during his study years, about the idea of thinking that the BEST picture ‘is the next one I’m going to take!’ He felt that way about his work and used that statement and got the job.

In the nine years since Peter has amassed a significant body of work in the newspaper genre as well as undertaken personal projects in India and Nepal. He is currently documenting the Brisbane Firebirds basketball team. In our conversation we discussed aspects of his industry over his 15 years or practice. He commented, ‘My first newspaper had a darkroom, then we shot colour film, processed it and scanned the images, and then finally we were presented with digital cameras.’

Firebird Shannon Eagland Photo: Peter Wallis

Firebird Elissa Maclead Photo: Peter Wallis


He continues commenting on how the picture got to the back to the paper. Film was straight forward as its physical nature meant that you travelled with it and lovingly processed it. Instant digital capture led to instant transmission. ‘We used to send our images back to the Courier Mail via a satellite dish, then laptop and phone—recently I travelled with Bligh on the election and didn’t even open a laptop.  Sent everything back via an iPad.  And now we shoot DSLR video and send that back as well’.

A grab shot – On the hustings with Bligh and Newman Photo: Peter Wallis


We spoke of concerns for the newspaper industry and the current challenge for the on-line 24-hour update and how images are syndicated through agencies like Getty. Peter has concerns about the future—but right now he’s living the dream that most photographers have that have a love of the challenge of being told by the editor to ‘go here … see the man … and make a bloody great image that I can publish’.

Sporting shadows Photos: Peter Wallis

Open any Courier Mail or Sunday Mail and on most days you’ll see a Peter Wallis picture and most probably it will be an amazing sporting peak action image or an editorial styled image with some kind of visual twist that captures your attention. As mentioned earlier most newspapers today are struggling to maintain print readership and their attempt to transition to online subscription is forcing a hybrid text, still image and video presentation. At this time Peter’s ability to conceptualise and create visually interesting images on the fly is as valuable as ever and stridently makes the claim that photos made by photographers are as important as ever in telling a news story in a moment, on the page, or … on the screen.

Doug Spowart


Pater Wallis with elephant

AIPP Student Event @ SQIT

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Sue Lewis, as part of her AIPP Education Liaison attended SQIT and made a presentation to photoimaging students about the professional photography industry and the peak industry body – the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. The presentation, on the 22 February, consisted of print displays, AIPP books, PowerPoint and video show. Sue was assisted by AIPP Queensland Divisional councillor Tony Holden.

Sue Lewis presents an AIPP talk at SQIT

Sue spoke of the AIPP’s history, structure, services and events. The Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards in Melbourne and the Nikon AIPP Event in the Hunter Valley were featured as ‘must attend’ events in the coming year. Sue also discussed her own photo history as a SQIT photography student 10 years ago and how she networked and connected with the APP Awards firstly working as a ‘helper’ behind the scenes. She is still behind the scenes however now she is a major manager of the national event.

Sue Lewis @ lecturn – presents an AIPP talk at SQIT

The response by SQIT students to Sue’s presentation was significant – 8 students signed up for AIPP Student membership on the day – joining many other SQIT students who are AIPP Student members. In appreciation of Sues efforts over the years and her support for students across the nation she was presented with a bouquet of flowers by teacher Rachel Susa.

What is amazing is Sue’s enthusiasm for professional photography and how the AIPP helped her along the way. She called it networking, networking, networking, and having fun with, and through, photography. Something I’m very familiar with – I joined the AIPP as a student nearly 40 years ago – still a member and having fun with photography.

Thank you Sue, and, the AIPP…

Sue Lewis with Rachel Susa @ SQIT

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February 26, 2012 at 9:24 am

PHOTOGRAPHY: 5 Years From Now

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I’ve just asked 6 prominent Queensland Professional photographers “What will photography be like in 5 years from now?” Their answers I’ve assembled into a YouTube Video.

Their answers give us a crystal ball glimpse into the future. As the clouds and mists swirl and part in the orb what emerges are visions that may just help us prepare for what’s in store.

The photographers were: Jan Ramsay (AIPP Queensland Division – President and Eyeon Photography), Ian Poole (international professional photography judge and presenter), Gary Cranitch (Photographer – Queensland Museum), Stephen Jones (Photography – Arana Photography), Tony Holden (photo-equipment representative – C.R. Kennedy), Mark Schoeman (wedding and portrait photographer – Brisbane).

SEE THE VIDEO: Click Here!!

This project was supported as a SQIT Release to Industry activity and the Photographers of the Great Divide.

Thank you to the participating photographers.

Concept / words / photos / video:  Doug Spowart

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January 23, 2012 at 10:37 am

30 November – Year 1 Photo Assessment @ SQIT

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 Fourteen Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE (SQIT) PhotoImaging students had their skills assessed this week by a panel of industry professionals as part of their Certificate IV assessment.  SQIT PhotoImaging lecturer Doug Spowart, was thrilled about having such a high calibre of industry professionals directly involved with students.  “The industry professionals review and assess the students photographic folio, and give them guidance and direction for their future in professional photography” Mr Spowart said.

Some of the team with student Leicolhn McKellar - PHOTO: John Elliott

The seven industry professionals are significant players in professional PhotoImaging statewide, and include the State president of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and long-standing supporter of SQIT students, Jan Ramsay from Eyeon Photography in Brisbane. Other Brisbane-based photographers included Mark Shoeman, Robert Cob-croft and Andy Cross. Local photographers participating in assessment included  Beverley Lacey from The Chronicle, John Elliott, and Syd Owen of Owen’s Camera House.

Robert Cobcroft, student Tracey St Johnwood, Doug Spowart and Andy Cross - PHOTO: John Elliott

The SQIT PhotoImaging team established an award 16 years ago to commemorate the Owen family’s impressive contribution to professional photography in Australia.  The Syd H. Owen trophy is awarded each year to the Certificate IV in PhotoImaging student with the highest score, and also incorporates an internship with Owen’s Camera House for a period of 12 months. This year the award went to Jess Martin. The Diploma Graduating Student of the Year was awarded to Lindsey Collier with Shanea Rossiter as the Runner up. The Photobook of the Year went to Leicolhn McKellar.

“The feedback provided by industry representatives is highly regarded by students as it reflects the industry standards required for practitioners within the PhotoImaging industry.” Mr Spowart said. “Assessment is based around specific criteria including the ability of the student to create images to industry standard, as well as their readiness to enter the industry either as employees or a freelance photographer.”

The Graduation event - PHOTO Doug Spowart

The PhotoImaging student graduation took place on 30 November, with prize-winning graduates receiving membership to the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Brisbane AIPP member Robert Cobcroft was guest speaker at the graduation event.

Robert Cobcroft presenting - PHOTO: Doug Spowart

WORDS: TAFE Press Release

23-28 October: A week of exhibition openings

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Three exhibitions and six bodies of great work made by Art Photography students from the Diploma of Photoimaging @ SQIT were opened this week at venues across the Darling Downs.

SHOW 1: INSPIRING WOMEN ~ Shanea Rossiter @ Warwick Regional Art Gallery

The exhibition features portraits of women who have inspired Shanea. The exhibition supported a fundraiser for the Queensland Cancer Council, in particular Breast Cancer. Shanea’s mother is a breast cancer survivor, she told of her story as part of her opening address.

'Inspirational Women' opening address by Narelle (Shanea's mother)

Shanea's portrait subjects line up for a group portrait

See for more details : http://www.warwickdailynews.com.au/story/2011/10/20/images-tell-tale-of-strength.


SHOW 2: Group Show ~ Cowboys (by Cynthia McBride), Faeries (by Jodi Watt), Phone boxes (Tracey St Johnwood) and Collage (Lorelei Clarke) @ Futures Gallery, SQIT.

The exhibition by these four photographers was opened by artist Adrianne Prague. In the opening address Adrienne spoke of the challenges for photography to be considered art. She drew on her knowledge of the history of art including the artist Joshua Reynolds.

Tracey, Lorelei, Cynthia and Jodi listen to Adrienne's opening address

Jodi Watt's image wall

Faeries in the landscape

Image from Cynthia McBride's "Camooweal Calling"

Lorelei Clarke and her collages


SHOW 3: 2011 CANNONBALL RUN (Charity Ride) by Lindsey Collier @ Pittsworth Regional Art Gallery.

This exhibition consists of a documentary series that Lindsey made of the dirt bike charity ride fro Bribie Island in Queensland to the Barossa Valley  via Uluru. The ride supported the DEBRA Charity and raised $34,000. The exhibition featured framed images, a limited edition book and video fusion presentations of the event.

2011 Cannonball Run exhibition @ Pittsworth Regional Art Gallery

Lindsey Collier (centre) being photographed with Debra representatives Simone Baird (l) and Sue McKenna (r)


NEWS STORY: http://www.cannonballride.com.au/joomla/index.php/media/54-media-stories/106-pittsworth-sentinel-

A PICTURE GALLERY: http://www.behance.net/gallery/2011-Cannonball-Charity-Ride/1915715


All photos by Doug Spowart

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