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FLOOD DONATION: ‘Toowoomba Water’ book to SLQ

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Helen Cole + Doug with the book 'Toowoomba Water'

At a time when all Queenslanders were reflecting on the first anniversary of the devastating floods of January 2011 it was fitting that I was able to make a presentation of the book Toowoomba Water to the Australian Library of Art at the State Library of Queensland.

The book features a response to flooding in Toowoomba that took place on January 10th. The book was designed to be output using Australia’s premier print-on-demand supplier – AsukaBook using their Book Bound Hard Cover 10″x10″ format.

On the studio step + our 'rainforest' backyard

Water came within 20cm of our studio and a brown torrent flowed into our garden and under the house.  At the bottom of our street a massive flow of water along East Creek took the lives of two people.

East Creek in flood at the bottom of Burns Street

The book makes a commentary on the flood by responding to an aspect of the event that was ‘sampled’ and then brought together to form the book – it is an unusual approach to the documentation of place. Reference for this methodology comes from the work of Marcel Duchamp‘s Paris 1919, Sol LeWitt’s colour grids and Bruce Nauman‘s L.A. Air.

The donation was accepted by Helen Cole, Senior Librarian, Australian Library of Art, State Library of Queensland.

SEE THE BOOK: http://www.cooperandspowart.com.au/2_PLACES/OtherBooks/Twba_Water_Flip/TwbaWater-Flip.html  (Note: This link is to a Flash Flipbook that may not play on all viewing devices)

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