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Wooli Beach Junk a cyanotype by Doug Spowart


IMAGINE COMBINING ARTMAKING – PHOTOGRAPHY + BOOKS, eating Greek food and drinking wine, watching the blue of the Aegean Sea, experiencing Greek lifestyle and the mythical landscape?


In May 2017 we will be presenting a 12 day workshop on the Greek island of Skopelos with Australian artist and printmaker Steph Bolt.

Vicky and Doug

Vicky and Doug

We plan to work with participants to capture the experience of ‘being there’ and to tell stories about the place in books and photographs.

The workshop topics will include:

  • The cyanotype process to produce prints on paper and cloth to reference the Aegean blue
  • Working with found objects and inkjet negatives from photos made on excursions
  • Making bespoke photobooks that you will handcraft during the workshop
  • Aspects of documentary ‘placemaking’
  • Using online photobook making services to design books
  • A sharing of our techniques to optimise and enhance digital photographs.


A detailed website has been prepared by Steph Bolt and SKOPELOS WORKS ON PAPER


Googled images of Skopelos


Super Nova a cyanotype book by Victoria Cooper

Supernova a cyanotype book by Victoria Cooper


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