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APRIL 26–WORLDWIDE PINHOLE DAY: Our Contributions for 2015

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Round the [w]hole world on the 26th of April pinholers were out having fun – Making their images for the 2015 WPD. Far away from the darkroom we once had we’ve once again fitted a pin-prick in a piece of aluminium fitted to a body cap of our Olympus Pen EP-5 camera.

This is the 11th year we have made pinhole images to support the WPD project! The other submissions are listed at the end of this post.



Olympus Pen with hand pierced aluminum foil hole, Auto exposure mode, ISO 1600.

Olympus Pen with hand pierced aluminum foil hole, Auto exposure mode, ISO 1600.


VICKY’s Submission:

Great to take this image of a moving subject – I used a digital camera with a pinhole to make this possible.



Charlie chasing a ball    1/45th of a second @ 1,600 ISO



DOUG’s Submission:

I have made pinhole photos with all kinds of technology from tin cans to cars but what I like the most is how direct sunlight splashes a rainbow onto the image. It’s Autumn in Australia s the two ephemeralities – light and autumn leaves were an ideal subject for pinhole investigation.



Autumn rainbow splash 1/45th of a second @ 1,600 ISO



Vist the WPD Site for other contributors:  http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2015/



Our Past WPD images:

2014  Vicky’s http://pinholeday.org/gallery/2014/index.php?id=1810&City=Toowoomba

2014  Doug’s http://pinholeday.org/gallery/2014/index.php?id=1811&City=Toowoomba

2013   https://wotwedid.com/2013/04/29/world-pinhole-photography-day-our-contribution/

2012   http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2012/index.php?id=1937&searchStr=spowart

2011    http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2011/index.php?id=924

HERE IS THE LINK to the 2011 pinhole video   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk4vnbzTqOU

2010   http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2010/index.php?id=2464&Country=Australia&searchStr=spowart

2006  http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2006/index.php?id=1636&Country=Australia&searchStr=cooper

2004 Vicky  http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2004/index.php?id=1553&Country=Australia&searchStr=cooper

2004 Doug  http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2004/index.php?id=1552&Country=Australia&searchStr=spowart

2003  http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2003/index.php?id=615&Country=Australia&searchStr=spowart

2002  http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2002/index.php?id=826&Country=Australia&searchStr=spowart



 ©2015 Doug Spowart+Victoria Cooper
.Creative Commons-by-nc-nd.eu
Our photographs and words are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/au/..

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