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SWITCHING LANES: A new art show @ Uni of Southern Qld Gallery

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'Switching Lanes'  at the USQ Arts Gallery

‘Switching Lanes’ at the USQ Arts Gallery – Entry showing works by Cooper+Spowart and Rachel Susa

'Switching Lanes'  at the USQ Arts Gallery

Works by Stephen Spurrier Alison Ahlhaus and Kristy Elliott

'Switching Lanes'  at the USQ Arts Gallery

Works by Cathy Tame and Stephen Spurrier


Our camera obscura work and Centre for Regional Arts Practice Survey Books are included in this show.

Curator Simon Mee and Vicky & Me

Curator Simon Mee and Vicky & Me   PHOTO: Annie Mack

Stephen Spurrier + Me ... PHOTO: Bev Lacey

Stephen Spurrier + Me … PHOTO: Bev Lacey


USQ MEDIA RELEASE: Shining a light on the art behind the teachers


WE KNOW they must be good at their craft, right? After all, they are the ones responsible for teaching tertiary students in this region all about sculpture and painting and drawing and photography and graphic design and ceramics. They are the best in their fields. But all too often the artistic endeavours of our local educators is not seen by audiences because they are simply too busy to exhibit, or reluctant to sing their own praises, or far too focused on the raising the profile of their students’ work instead of their own. That’s where Simon Mee – Associate Lecturer (Collections Curator and Arts Management) at University of Southern Queensland steps in.He is curating an annual series of exhibitions featuring the artist behind the teacher.


Last year it was the work of local high school teachers that was showcased in an exhibition called “Not Just A Day Job”; this year the light will be shone on our tertiary educators in the “Switching Lanes” exhibition opening in the USQ Arts Gallery on April 1. “I don’t think we always get to see the art behind the educator,” Mr Mee said. “But an exhibition series like this allows teachers in the area to engage with each other and support the value of what we all do. “It’s also good to flip things over and show students what teachers can do and let the teachers lead by example.”

The “Switching Lanes” exhibition does not have a theme – artistic educators from USQ, the Bremer and Southern Queensland Institutes of TAFE were given carte blanche to create what they want. This approach guarantees enjoyment for audiences  – there may be a few surprises amongst the artworks – but also provide the greatest learning opportunities for students.

“The upside for students is that they get to see artists push and play with their craft,” Mr Mee said. “It’s living practice, – it will have a raw edge – and if it’s a disaster, then students will learn from seeing that as well. Art is not about creating a product, but about taking risks and growing. It’s all about doing what you love.”


Switching Lanes will open at the USQ Arts Gallery on April 1, and run from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, until April 23. Entry is free.




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