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HARDY LAMPRECHT: Solo Photo Exhibition @ Gallery Frenzy, Brisbane

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. . Excerpts from an opening address:  Hardy Lamprecht | Perspectives of Form: A Sojourn Away



I’ve known Hardy Lamprecht for over 20 years. He embraced the larger formats of photography and the darkroom with gusto and passion. He enjoyed the landscape and made photography sojourns to the granite tors of Girraween National Park in Queensland, to the shifting sand dunes of Lancelin in Western Australia.

He has also spent a considerable amount of time in the United Kingdom working in his principle career, that has a lot to do with sight and seeing, but the tug of the landscape sent him out on weekends to misty moors, rugged cliffs and into dramatic urban and sculptural spaces.

Time passes and anyone with twenty years experience in photography recognises the need to make the transition of the wet darkroom into the dry digital workspace. While in the past once the films were processed Hardy would venture into the darkroom for extended periods to resolve the lived experience of the shoot as fine art black and white prints. These images would then be presented for exhibition to share his vision with others. Although many photographers of Hardy’s ilk lament the passing of the darkroom and, whenever a sympathetic ear is around, talk of the ‘good old days’ – but not Hardy. He assimilated digital technologies into his workflow by scanning negatives, optimising them in Adobe Lightroom and the printing them on fine art Canson digital papers. What we see on the walls now is the same attention to detail and creativity but within a contemporary medium.

So what this exhibition represents is not only one photographer’s journey in the landscape but also another journey from the traditional black metallic silver specs of the wet darkroom to the emergent digital space of pixels and ink on paper. I believe this work challenges the notion that high quality fine art photographs can only result from the wet darkroom. Should there be any question, I would present to them this body of work where: I’d talk with them about deep rich blacks and clean clear whites, I’d point out the both employ the same baryta paper base, I’d then discuss the dynamic tonal range represented in the prints and theories I have about every photographer today working in digital, is emulating the aspirations of the very few Zone System dilettantes of the past.

Once through with the technical stuff that pervades the discipline of photography and printmaking and much critical dialogue, I would challenge them to see beyond superficial technique to the more sublime nature of these photographs. I would elucidate on aspects of the photographs design–of abstraction, perspective and scale–of chiaroscuro and emotion. This work is the result of seeing and capturing a personal vision and empathy of the subject before the camera–a moment in time of place.

Ultimately Hardy Lamprecht’s images are about what he saw and was inspired by in the continuum of his lived experience. He then captured on film a kind of referential trace extracting a new visual interpretation or meaning of the original subject. In the digital space, aided by software, he reflects on his wet darkroom image interpretation skills and techniques and applies them to the modern tool of the computer. In doing this he achieves something that can be shared, as he did before, with us as viewers. As a result of that we can, in the space of this gallery, transcend time, space and photographic technology and encounter the world in the lens of your own memory.

Hardy, I take great pleasure in declaring this exhibition open … Doug Spowart   May 3, 2013

Vicky, Hardy and Doug @ the opening

Vicky, Hardy and Doug @ the opening

Selected images from the show….



Subterranean Symmetry

Subterranean Symmetry

Large Reclining Figure by Henry Moore

Large Reclining Figure by Henry Moore

Going Under

Going Under

The Sorcerer's Apprentice 2

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice



Double Ovals by Henry Moo

Double Ovals by Henry Moore


Exhibition photographs  ©2013  Hardy Lamprecht, additional photography by Cooper+Spowart

Essay ©2013 Doug Spowart

.Creative Commons-by-nc-nd.eu This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. . .

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  1. looks wonderful. try to see it this weekend. Ann Ingham

    ann Ingham

    May 4, 2013 at 10:34 am

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