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WEIRD SILENCE in Toowoomba: TC Oswald aftermath

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MONDAY JANUARY 28 2013, an eerie silence has fallen over Toowoomba. The howling wind, driving rain and the bumping of things on the roof and around the place has gone after being ever present for three days. I strain to hear something—ah! There’s a birdcall or two (have not heard them for days), a car drives down the street … and then there’s nothing again.

The s-s-plash emptying the rain gauge is a very benign sound, and then I realise what the difference is … there is none of the constant noise of the B-Double trucks, the 8,000 of them that grind through Toowoomba every day. Every highway in-or-out of town is closed.

I hear more birds and sun is coming out—there is something of a Toowoomba experience of the past, a kind of déjà vu, perhaps even nostalgia for a time before trucks took over this town.

From Doug

UPDATE: January 29 – the ‘noise’ has started again…


Truck noise   PHOTO: Victoria Cooper

Truck noise PHOTO: Victoria Cooper

Written by Cooper+Spowart

January 29, 2013 at 4:27 am

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