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Imagine you know: Emerging artists in your community

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Imaging you know, the 2012 Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Artists’ Award

Awardees names and works are listed at the end of this post…

September 16 – October 14, 2012

At the Biennial Emerging Artist’s Award

It is hard to measure the vitality of a community’s emerging art practice. For Toowoomba, the Biennial Emerging Artists’ Award provides a survey creates an opportunity to see the artists and their work. And from this year’s exhibition it appears that Toowoomba’s art scene is truly alive and vibrant. Eighteen artists were selected as finalists and at the award opening 11 artists had 20 of their works selected for purchase by the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

TRAG – Emerging Artist Award panorama

The title ‘emerging’ implies the younger artists however this show provides evidence of the ‘older emerging’ artist.

9 of the awarded artists

A detailed catalogue accompanies the show with an essay by Sue Lostroh and artist’s statements and images. From my point of view considering the ubiquitous nature of photography that few photographs were in the show. The selected works will form part of a travelling exhibition that tours the region under the title of Crates on Wheels Travelling Schools Exhibition.

Evan Hollis opens the Awards

Elysha Gould with Award letter

Yseult Taylor with her selected photographs

Ultimately, what is exciting about the award is the diversity of approach to the process, media and visual communication that art is and can be. Significant to this is the role that the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery plays in providing the vehicle by which this work can be given a space for it’s appreciation and enjoyment.


Doug Spowart

17 September, 2012

Eleven Artists and twenty works selected for the Crates on Wheels Travelling Schools Exhibition in 2013.

 (Information supplied by TRAG)


Miles ALLEN  2 works

Marrakech 4

Stacking carrots


Elissa BELLERT 1 work

Red elephant


Elysha GOULD 1 work

Nuclear power plants


Sandra JARRETT  3 works

Objects of worship series 1

Shifting sands #1 and #2


Nicki LAWS 3 works

A rich industrial past

When the mining boom ends

Old buildings are full of stories


Ian McCALLUM 1 work

Beyond seeing


Kelly-Marie McEWAN  3 works

Fairy-ring, Emergence part 1, part 3 and  part 5

Tarn McLEAN 2 works

Topography #9

Topography #9—Globe


Chelle McINTYRE 1 work

Rash analogy


Donna MOODIE 1 work



Danish QUAPOOR (The Alter ego of Daniel Qualifchefski) 2 works

i am my hair

hanging by a moment

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