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‘TAKE 3’ @ Block Work Gallery (Toowoomba)

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Block Work Gallery – Take 3 Invite

We visited the Block Work Gallery on Saturday for the opening of the exhibition TAKE 3 featuring paintings from three Western Downs artists – Carol McCormack, Catherine Rose & Patricia Hinz. The gallery’s ‘white box’ walls were laden with the colours of the landscape, abstract forms and quirky stuff that artists just happen to see and then share with us through their work. The gallery was filled with supporters and well-wishers, and hopefully a few interested in purchasing work.

Gallery Director Sally Johnston has once again shown her gallery’s support for the regional artist and their vision – congratulations on a great show.

Here are some images of the event, the artists and their work…



Felicity Rea, Victoria Cooper and Deb Beaumont @ Take 3

Take 3 exhibition, Block Work Gallery

Take 3 exhibition Block Work Gallery

Block Work Gallery IMAGE: Doug Spowart

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