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VISIT: Georgia Hutchison & Beverley Bloxham – daughter & mother artists/designers

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Georgia, Beverley and Victoria with the book

We had a visit from Beverley and Georgia, we shared ideas and methods and secret knowledges on the art of simple binding for handmade books, referencing the notable texts and work of Keith Smith.  Georgia showed us her submission for her degree in Bachelor of Design, Industrial Design at RMIT, which she had only recently been awarded as First Class Honours. This unique state handmade book , Wild Order was beautifully designed – its simplicity belied the complexity of the content. Georgia utilized, Riso print, to produce monochrome images, diagrams and texts: black and white some were pale shade of colour eg yellow or green. These delicate and grainy images were astutely placed with texts and diagrams to tell the narrative of the major project the Georgia produced. See www.georgiacharlotte.net

Beverley, is an artist, designer and curator of note and substantial experience you can check her work on http://www.behance.net/BFBloxham  She has worked hard to establish local community arts organizations and networks and is now working with others to establishing online presence for an NGO community in India.

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