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12 December: Meetings – John Reid + Maurice O’Riordan

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Vicky meets with external supervisor John Reid in our accommodations in the artists’ flat at the Australian National University’s Art School. Their meeting strategised the final refinement and structure of her PhD exegesis.

Doug meets with the editor of Art Monthly Australia Maurice O’Riordan. The office for AMA is situated in the garrett-like clocktower of the School of Art @ the Australian National University.  Access is gained by climbing a narrow set of stairs that seem as if they are piled upon the boxes of past issues. My interest in meeting with Mauice is that AMA has just published my review of the 2011 Olive Cotton Photographic Award. SEE Current Issue

The stairs to the AMA office

Maurice with the latest issue of AMA

 Maurice and I spoke about different aspects of the critical review of art and artists in Australia, the problems of the regional artist, the important role that journals such as AMA play in the discussion about art and practice, changes in photography as art over the last 20 years and the demise of Photofile.

Photos and words: Doug

Written by Cooper+Spowart

December 18, 2011 at 10:02 am

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