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July 24 Allan Bruce Floor Talk

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Allan Bruce talks about his exhibition Panoramic Drawings at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery

Invitation: Panoramic Drawings

Allan Bruce floor talk in the exhibition space

Walking into Gallery 1 at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, one expects to see large wall works to fill this large space – Allan Bruce’s impressive black and white occidental inspired works are no exception.

In the exhibition, Panoramic Drawings, Bruce presents urban and natural landscapes and room interiors as seamlessly blended composite images where each work: “while recognizable, tends to be an evocation rather than an absolutely literal statement of place”[1]. As with oriental scrolls these works allow the viewer a multi-perspective journey through the spaces that have captured Bruce’s attention and inspiration.

Bruce utilizes ‘in situ’ documentation (photos, video and sketches) and memory to reconfigure the essentials of being in each place. The viewer of this work maybe drawn to the detail and textures of the subject captured within the brushwork of the shadows but the absence of detail in the highlights energizes the work and provides a space for the imagination.

1. From the room sheet for the exhibition

Words: Victoria Cooper

Panoramic Drawings is on at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery from June 30 to August 7.

Portrait of Allan Bruce with work by Victoria Cooper

For more info on Allan Bruce see:


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