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June 11 – Lydia Egunnike – Qld Disaster Hero, Ipswich Ceremony

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Premier Anna Bligh @ Qld Disaster Heroes Ceremony - Ipswich

 For those who follow our WOTWEDID blog will remember the post about the salvage work done on the Sandy Barrie Photo Collection that was inundated in the Ipswich Floods. Conservator Lydia Egunnike, a member of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials, worked tirelessly with a team that included Noel, John Rossiter and Peter Marquis-Kyle.

As part of Anna Bligh’s Queensland Government DISASTER HEROES awards Lydia, and Sandy’s friend and Salvage Recovery Co-ordinator – Marcel Safier, were both nominated for the dedication and support that they provided during the emergency.

Lydia attended the award ceremony at Ipswich today – Vicky and I attended the event to congratulate Lydia and the members of her team who were able to attend.

Words+Pictures: Doug Spowart

SEE original story post https://wotwedid.wordpress.com/2011/04/08/flood-image-salvage-sandy-barrie-collection/

Noel, Christine Ianna, Lydia, John Rossiter and Victoria Cooper

Lydia's Medal and Certificate

For other information about the Queensland Disaster Heroes awards SEE:



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June 11, 2011 at 8:25 am

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