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10 November: Tim Handfield Kodak Seminar, Brisbane

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Tim Handfield discusses Kodak papers

Tim Handfield has a great deal of experience in the world of art photography in Australia as well as the technology of digital imaging. Apart from this seminar series his works are currently on show at the Monash Gallery of Art in the exhibition Skin Deep.

As a teacher I found this seminar extremely valuable. Tim confirmed many concepts and strategies that I employ in my work with students, but more importantly he extended my knowledge by the ideas and techniques he passed on and demonstrated. Of particular interest was a set of prints that Tim had prepared that were made on Kodak type C and inkjet papers (shown in the picture above). Despite the images being generated through wet Kodak processes and Epson inkjet pigments, they look amazingly similar. Kodak’s baryta and canvas inkjet papers looked great – I want to do some work with them.

Tim’s presentation was punctuated by a wide range of questions for the 12 attendees. He was able to respond to these questions in ways that matched the audiences’ skill levels and, in doing so, extended our collective understanding of the topic. Accompanying the seminar was a detailed workbook with example images supplied on a CD for participants.

Words and image: Doug Spowart

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November 12, 2011 at 2:11 pm

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