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Mangrove Blue – Orpheus Island 2005

Mangrove Blue – Orpheus Island 2005    PHOTO: Doug Spowart

Victoria + Doug

Victoria + Doug



“Come with us to the Great Barrier Reef’s Orpheus Island 

2-8 October 2016 for a workshop with Les Walkling …”


Les Walkling's Colorspace portrait – Orpheus Island 2005    PHOTO: Doug Spowart

Les Walkling’s Colorspace portrait – Orpheus Island 2005 PHOTO: Doug Spowart



Orpheus Island Photography Workshop is a full seven day all-inclusive unique experience designed for professional photographers and enthusiast/non-professional photographers.  The James Cook University Orpheus Island Research Station is a world class research and teaching facility, and the tropical islands provide for amazing photographic opportunities.  Featured this year will be Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart.  This is the twelfth year Les has presented this workshop and he rates it as his best.


The workshop comprises lectures, demonstrations and presentations each morning, backed up with hands-on work after lunch and into the evening utilizing state-of-the-art printing facilities and a fully colour managed professional workflow.

Escape the winter blues for a week on a tropical island and be inspired by an amazing photography experience with Les, Victoria and Doug. 

  • Gain creative insights and how to put the “Wow” factor into your images;
  • Explore bookmaking and fine art photography with Doug and Vicki;
  • Learn self development and marketing ideas for you and your business;
  • Polish your digital capture and advanced processing techniques;
  • Print perfect colour or black & white images every time, whether through your own printer or at your pro lab;
  • Work with our sponsors and try out their latest equipment, all types of printing media, and win lots of prizes;
  • Polish your workflow for maximum efficiency while achieving brilliant colour and the highest impact in images for your clients, your gallery, or for award competitions;
  • Experience superb underwater photography locations for snorkeling and beachcombing;


Check out the videos from past workshops:


Book now to reserve your space at Orpheus Island.

Experience the best “live in” workshop for photographers in Australia.


Go to:http://www.leswalkling.com/courses/orpheus-2016/




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