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9 December: Summer Travels

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On the road to Canberra

This series of Blog posts presents a selection of WOTWEDID over a 5 day period at the beginning of our 2011 Summer Travels.


10 December: Arriving in Canberra


Our artist friend Liz Coates took us to an exhibition opening @ the M16 Gallery. Entitled  TIMESCAPE the exhibition consisted of works by Julie Brooke, Ella Whateley & Vanessa Barbay (All visual arts PhD students from the Australian National University)

M16 Panorama : Exhibition "TIMESCAPE"

The exhibition was opened by Ruth Waller, Head of Painting @ ANU School of Art. Waller spoke of the challenge of the visual arts PhD and the special nature of the knowledge that artists have that is tuned and refined in the process of research and study.

Ruth Waller, Vicky and Liz Coates

The work on show is a testimony to the work of the artist as academic researcher. The artists’ state that the work is “An exploration of how experiences of the complex and multi-dimensional qualities of time and space may be embodied in the material process of painting.”

SEE website for details http://m16artspace.com.au/?p=635

Pictures @ an exhibition

SEE A folio pictures made @ the exhibition opening http://www.behance.net/gallery/Pictures-an-exhibition/2669661



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December 12, 2011 at 11:07 am

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