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WORLD PINHOLE DAY: April 24, 2011

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‘Round the [w]hole world today pinholers were out having fun – Making their images for the 2011 WPD.

We have just purchased an OLYMPUS EPL1 a Micro Four Thirds digital camera. It features interchangeable lenses, 12 megapixel capture and HD Video – It’s not the latest and greatest but it is very reasonably priced @ around $450 at JB-HiFi or Harvey Norman.

What is exciting is we drilled out the body cover – put about a 10mm hole in the middle and stuck an old home-made pinhole into it and made pictures. In ‘LiveView’ mode you can even see what you are shooting and, better still, we are shooting pinhole movies!!! In fact out 2011 WPD offering will feature a ‘stilled’ image (SEE Below) with a link to a YouTube video.

Still from the Pinhole Movie: "Being There . . ."

HERE IS THE LINK   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk4vnbzTqOU

Vist the WPD Site for other contributors:  http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2011/

Our WPD images:

2011    http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2011/index.php?id=924

2010   http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2010/index.php?id=2464&Country=Australia&searchStr=spowart

2006  http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2006/index.php?id=1636&Country=Australia&searchStr=cooper

2004 Vicky  http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2004/index.php?id=1553&Country=Australia&searchStr=cooper

2004 Doug  http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2004/index.php?id=1552&Country=Australia&searchStr=spowart

2003  http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2003/index.php?id=615&Country=Australia&searchStr=spowart

2002  http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2002/index.php?id=826&Country=Australia&searchStr=spowart

Written by Cooper+Spowart

April 25, 2011 at 11:32 am

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